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Bike rental agreement



The renter will return the vehicle (bike,e-bike,e-scooter)together with all of its equipment in the same condition as when delivered.All vehicles are rented clean and in proper working condition.At the start of the rental the renter needs to check the vehicle and report any possible defects to Titan-rent staff. As soon as the renter leaves the rental shop he accepts the proper condition of the vehicle.It is forbidden to leave island of Korcula with Bikes/E bikes.


All vehicles should be returned clean of mud and dust. Any vehicle not returned clean will be charged an extra fee for cleaning it ,also for flat tyre Titan-rent will charge a 10 eur fee. Fee also can be charged for incorrectly parked vehicles (vehicles leaning on the floor ) or vehicles not used in normal and appropriate manner if Titan-rent has proof for that kind of usage.


The vehicles may only be used in a normal and appropriate manner by the person(s) mentioned in the rental agreement.Titan-rent is entitled to terminate the contract and/or seize the vehicle if vehicle is used in different way (driving under influence of alcohol,drugs,two persons driving on the vehicle,jumping,wheelies and similar).It is forbidden to wash bikes and E bikes.


The renter is entirely responsibile for any damage on the vechicle ,to himself or others. Bikes/E-bikes/E-Scooters dont have any kind of insurance so the renter is responsible if they get stolen and has to pay their market value.Deposit will be held if any provision of this agreement is breached or violated.


The renter is responsibile for any eventual trafic vioalations during the rental period.


Titan-rent is not liable for any damage caused to the renter or his valuables by the usage of the vehicle.


The renter agrees that any eventual damage to vehicles shall be charged from him on the spot according to the official price list and that he/she is willingly leaving personal document and deposit money as guarantee for any eventual damage charges.


By signing this contract the renter agrees with here above mentioned terms and accept the court of Korcula as exclusive jurisdiction in case of any eventual legal disputes.